• Silicone Dish Washing Sponge

    • Healthy kitchen sponges are made of Silicone. Its soft bristles easily reach the corners of glasses and cups, without causing any scratches to your precious tableware
    • This improved sponges kitchen are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, flexible, unbreakable, not sticky and no deformed. can be reused for a long time. It is a bit bigger than the similar products on the market. Temperature-sensitive : -60°C to 230°C (-76°F to 500°F)
    • Easy to Clean, Quick Dry & Dishwasher kitchen gadgets. Just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher and hang the dish scrubber for speedy drying by itself, non-water absorbent and no residue
    • Multipurpose uses: It could be used for washing dishes plate, bowl, pot, non stick, pan, glasses, vegetables, fruit, car etc. also used as jar opener, silicone coaster, pot holder.

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