• Heel Anti Crack Pads 1 Pair (Medical Grade Silicon)

    Washable, Soft medical silicone, non-toxic, prevent dry skin
    Protect the skin against peeling and cracking
    Reusable, hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry
    For people who Daily foot-care treatment to heel, As a heel preventive moisturizer, People who are having cracks in heels. People who need intensive care to severe rough dry and rough heel
    These gel protectors are also ideal for high heel shoes and normal shoes or any protection against pressure to the feet.

    • Perfect for people who standing or walking long time a day like security, teacher, nurse, salesmen etc..
    • Protect skin from painful irritation, blisters & calluses.
    • Keeps skin comfortably moisturized to prevent dry skin and protect skin from cracking.
    • Say goodbye to that pesky heel pain and redness.
    • Reusable: hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry.
  • Anti Crack Full Length Silicone Foot Protector

    • Material: Silicone gel
    • Protect the skin against peeling and cracking
    • Reusable, hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry

    Silicone material is lightweight, soft, safe, non-toxic and harmless to your feet.

    Preventing and repairing cracking or peeling, softening dead skin and improving rough skin for foot.

    Air holes can provide enough air for your feet to breathe and wick moisture.

    Protecting toes by reducing friction between them.

    Can be worn under or over socks with bare feet, which is reusable and washable.

     999 1,999
  • Ball Rod Self Neck Massager

    • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF MUSCLE MASSAGE: Relieve pain through applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points. Apply massager to neck, shoulder, or leg to reduce pain and prevent muscle injury.
    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Give yourself a deep tissue massage at home, in your office, or while being on the road. Powerful massage provides instant pain relief for tight achy muscles and stiff necks, neck ball massager for neck.
    • ADORABLE DESIGN: Gentle germanium knobs designed to feel like a massage therapist’s hands. Featuring two soft yet firm balls, deeply penetrating the muscles for instant pain relief of knots and tight achy muscles.
    • APPROPRIATE MASSAGER INTENSITY: Utilizing the ergonomic handles you can control every aspect of your message treatment. Control the pace, direction and intensity. Feel refreshed and relaxed after just five minutes of treatment!
     999 1,800

    Ball Rod Self Neck Massager

     999 1,800
  • 5 Latex Rubber Fitness Resistance Bands

    • Made from premium quality natural latex, non-toxic harmless.
    • Suitable for body builders and sport fans to take outdoor exercises, gym and home exercises.
    • Perfect for CrossFit, Yoga & Fitness Classes, pull-ups, biceps curls, calisthenics, stretching, weight training etc.
    • Often used, it can effectively strengthen the muscles, improve balance and flexibility.
    • Maintenance, storage and preservation are simple and easy.
    • Resistance Bands Have 5 Different Levels of Resistance – Light, Medium, Heavy, x-heavy, xx-heavy
    • Great Resistance Loop Bands for Arms & Legs and Upper & Lower Body Exercises
    • Loop Bands are 23/24/25 cm or customized in size
    • Reinforced latex rubber loops to ensure no ripping or tearing!
    • Resistance loop band training will transformer your body by creating lean, strong muscles and burning fat!


     1,699 2,000
  • Sunex Waist Belt – Black

    Every men and woman want to look slim without giving much effort.

    The Sunex Waist Belt is a fitness product that can be used for everyday wear.

    This belt is made of a stretchable, Neotex material that can fit anyone as it uses a Velcro system to hold it in place.

    You can wear it under your clothes and enjoy exercising, hiking or even while sitting at home while performing daily tasks.

    Use it during intense workouts that require you to maintain back posture.

    Women post-pregnancy can even wear it to lose excess stomach flab after delivery.

    Make this Sunex fitness Waist Trimmer Belt a part of your exercise regime and see the distinction in your physique.

     899 1,000

    Sunex Waist Belt – Black

     899 1,000
  • YC Upper Back Posture Support

    • ★ A healthier suit – Whether you need to recover from an injury or want to improve your posture, you can help.
    • ★ Reduce back pain and improve posture – Use VIBO care posture support under or over the garment to re-adjust the spine and reduce pain caused by poor alignment.
    • ★ It is not enough to re-adjust vertebrae. You need to make sure that you never experience back pain. Use the VIBO Care posture braces to strengthen your muscles and prevent further damage!
    • ★ High-quality rear-repair – Sturdy, lightweight, breathable material and advanced front-loading design means you can stay cool while maintaining the correct posture
    • ★ For elderly people with spinal aging or hunchback, shoulder imbalance, posture distortion or spine problems, it is recommended to spend 2 hours a day.
     999 1,700

    YC Upper Back Posture Support

     999 1,700
  • 5 In 1 Facial Sensitive Hair Removal Trimmer For Women

    • ❤ 5 in 1 set – eyebrow shaping, body shaver, nose trimmer, facial shaver in one. This product brings to you the best technology for a painless hair removal experience.
    • ❤ Safe, efficient & painless – gentle on all skin types, yet highly effective, blades and our high speed trimmer system gives you a quick and smooth trimming experience with no pulling, tugging, cuts or pain.
    • ❤ Cordless & battery operated – cordless for your convenience. You can use it at anytime and anywhere.
    • ❤ The compact and portable size makes it easy to store at home and carry in your bag or pocket during travel.
    • ❤ It is very easy to use to get rid of the unwanted hair on legs, underarm, and bikini line. It has an ergonomically shaped head for comfortable use.
    • ❤ Double cutter head and it is washable
    • ❤ The dual-edge blades for neat grooming from both the top and sides without pulling the hair.
    • ❤Remove unwanted hair from face, eyebrows, neckline, ears, bikini area. Safe for use on sensitive skin. Great for travel or home. Keep one in your bag or office drawer for convenience of use.
     1,499 2,499
  • Latex Rubber Resistance Rope Band


    Get The Home GYM You Always Wanted – because now you can get effective results from home –  without spending time and money, when you like to do a full body workout. 

    No Bulky Equipment – No need to invest in bulky equipment in your home, to get a decent workout. The resistance band  set is super easy for you to carry and fully collapsible

    The easiest Way To Start Or Maintain   – your workout routine, in your home, office, In your hotel room or anywhere else!

    Workout Easily At Anytime – Whether you like to do a full body workout, or just a few quick sets, or Workout while watching TV, band is the ultimate solution! 

    Get More Benefits From Your Workout With Resistance band SET- Allows you to do a large variety of exercises while using the bands and also to increase the resistance to desired level and work on both large and small muscles, while challenging important stabilizer muscles.

     1,199 1,300

    Latex Rubber Resistance Rope Band

     1,199 1,300
  • Laptop Table T8

    This stylish accessory is a must have for all laptop/notebook users.

    Featuring adjustable height and angle range with built-in cooling fan for the ultimate user experience. Ideal for use in the bed, on the sofa or a desktop.

    Perfect for maintaining a comfortable posture and also useful for many other applications such as craft projects.

    Popular, comfortable and portable – The tables are light, strong with perfect compact design.

    Made by aluminum alloy – Selected material with fine design can keep the tabletop from out of shape and it’s also provides your computer better air flow.

    Creative design – Multifunctional table can organize your working space better

    Portable and folding – Light enough to carry around easily and prefect for traveling.

    Auto-lock joint design – the special join can be adjusted to variable to variable angles and to fit all your favorite positions.

    It’s folding design portable notebook desk, adjustable notebook table, notebook stand, which only be used as laptop table, but also can be used as binning table, coffee table, study table and other table for many situations.

    It’s total aluminum notebook table with push button joint and strong structure, durability will prolong your computer life effectively.

     3,299 4,000

    Laptop Table T8

     3,299 4,000
  • Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights (10 Bulbs)

    • 10 Led vanity mirror light bulbs are very soft, natural, bright, and do not emit extra heat. Allows you to put on your make-up for a long time without hurting or causing problems for your eyes
    • Vanity mirror led lights are highly durable, very comfortable, and long lasting. True beauty surely lasts a lifetime and so will your vanity makeup mirror led lights
    • Easy and stress free installation, hidden wires and no hole drilling. No assembly or electrical wiring is required, just stick firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame and you’re good to go
    • Dimmable. Completely adjust the brightness of this bulb at your convenience and however you want. This is possible with the added smart touch dimmer feature
    • Makeup mirror vanity light is multipurpose. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive camera lights, these make-up mirror light bulbs can easily be applied to your wall for filming and many more
    • Vanity mirror led lights are highly durable, very comfortable, and long lasting. True beauty surely lasts a lifetime, so will your vanity makeup mirror Led lights
     2,699 3,000
  • 4 Inch Leather Weight Lifting Belt

    • Made from high quality oil tanned Nubuck leather, this weight lifting belt will offer incredible cushioning and a soft, padded feel for power lifters and strength training champs! Stack with confidence and let the shock resistant leather reduce stress whilst the contoured design provides amazing comfort and supports your lower back. The bullet-proof stitching and heavy duty hardware guarantee the toughest construction of gym belts around. Yet the leather remains supple for the wearer, even for extended lifting sessions.
    • Highest quality NAPPA calf-leather that is soft and durable.
    • Industrial grade, rust proof, steel buckle with roller that can last years.
    • Embossed RDX logo on the inside for a premium look.
    • Strengthened stitching to support sturdiness of the belt.
    • Quality rivets for improved weightlifting belt performance.
     1,199 1,400

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