• Mouse And Rat Glue Trap Board

    • Tips:
      *Install the product unfolded or bended at the corner or narrow places including wall, sink, side of drainage, and back of refrigerator where rats come out often
      * Install several traps at the same time in order to raise the capturing effect.

      *Keep out of reach of children & pets.
      *In case of mouse drags the glue snare pollute floor or wall, you can glued it to the ground or put a larger paper under it.
      *Dispose the trap pad after each use.
      *If the glue rat board is a little wet, you can pour out the water, and dry in the shade, and shall not affect the use.
      *If glue is stuck to hands or other object, apply vegetable oil, turpentine or petroleum products & wash with soap & water.

      Pack of 1 Traps
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