• Pop Funnel Expandable Collapsible With Handle

    • Silicone Large Funnels for canning is easy to store, and perfectly suitable for conventional spices cans, fragrance bottles and wide mouth cans, transferring liquid, spices, powder, beans and jam etc.
    • The large jar funnel for kitchen Works great with wide mouth and regular canning jars.
    • Wide stem opening allows large food items to pass through easily.
    • Compared to regular plastic or stainless jars funnel, our Collapsible Foldable feature makes it very small and easy to store in any place, your kitchen will be more delicate.
  • Easy Water Bottle Lifter

    • Designed to lift all STANDARD 55mm Crown Top 3, 5, and 6 gallon water poly-carbonate bottles with cap and most major bottled water companies, bottle lifter. 
    • Ergonomic handle, more comfortable to use 
    • Made from durable material ensure long lasting use

    Easy Water Bottle Lifter

     199 299
  • Glass Stainless Steel Oil Bottle (500 ML)

    • This is an elegant and classic kitchen star, stainless steel and glass were the perfect match.
    • The type of unique anti drop oil leakage nozzle design, easy to control the amount of oil. Dust dust-proof spout keep clean.
    • Lid and bottle made of food grade material, more safe and reassuring.
    • perfectly applied to nearly all types of liquids and condition(juice, vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil or liquid soaps).
    • Bottle capacity 17oz just right capacity for daily use. Do not need to add on Olive Oil too many times nor left too much in the bottle. Keeps Olive Oil Always fresh. Make sure it easy to use.

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