• Easy Spin 360 Rotate Mop With Stainless Steel Rod

    The Floor Spin Mop features a 360° rotating, cleaning
    system design that can easily and evenly clean the corners of your
    home. With the multi-purpose wringer and its full set of features, this
    product can be used for cleaning various indoor and outdoor areas!
    Easily clean the mop and dry the microfiber mop head by spinning the mop
    with the 360° rotating bucket!

    Easy to Use System
    Uses a push and pull spring mechanism inside
    the mop handle to spin the mop. Just push the loosened handle down into
    the white basket at a 90° angle to spin!

    Gentle Microfiber Material
    Microfiber mop heads are soft and gentle enough to clean your floors without damaging its surface.

    Unique Push and Pull Design
    ●Spin Mop uses a much simpler design without the use of a pedal.
    1. A simple blue color design
    2. Microfiber mop heads with a gentle and soft feel; also machine washable
    3. Drain hole to help remove excess water when needed
    4. Easy to use 360° rotating bucket
    5. Adjustable handle to lengthen or shorten the pole to your needs

     2,499 4,400
  • Speedy Chopper

    Speedy Chopper is a mechanical kitchen chopper. Speedy Chopper is designed to grind various products. With this device, you can quickly and without damage to your hands grind onions, herbs, cut food for salads or fruits for desserts. It is multifunctional, it can be mixed, cut and chopped in several movements.

    Chopping vegetables during peak hours or especially in the morning time can be time-consuming and tedious. This fast vegetable shredder will help you shred vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can also use it for making dipping sauce and chutney. Not only can chopped vegetables and fruits, but also can be used as a mincer and meat grinder to cut boneless meat and cheese. Here you can quickly make chopped salads and chutneys. This fast and efficient vegetable cutter can cut anything within a few minutes. It facilitates quick chopping, shredding and whipping.

     999 1,999

    Speedy Chopper

     999 1,999
  • Balance Lamp

    The most selling innovative table lamp. Winner of the Red Dot Award!

    Within the warm frame of this pleasingly minimalist lamp is a surprising way to illuminate it. When you lift the lower ball attached to a cord, it attracts to the top one—thanks to the embedded magnets inside—creating a connection that switches on the lamp’s LED light. Separating them turns off the light.

    The attractive curved design creates the illusion of light passing through the wooden structure. USB plug.


    Innovative and very modern. Translating to balance from Chinese, The Heng Balance Lamp (“Heng” means “balance” in Chinese) is a warm and soft task light that is powered in an innovative fashion. Designed by Zanwen Li, his inspiration was to create a lighting option that would bring a whimsical and magical vibe to any space it is used in.

    Simple yet very unique, use in any space with its USB power cord to provide a fun and interactive lighting option that is sure to be a conversation piece as well.

     3,999 4,999

    Balance Lamp

     3,999 4,999
  • Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights (10 Bulbs)

    • 10 Led vanity mirror light bulbs are very soft, natural, bright, and do not emit extra heat. Allows you to put on your make-up for a long time without hurting or causing problems for your eyes
    • Vanity mirror led lights are highly durable, very comfortable, and long lasting. True beauty surely lasts a lifetime and so will your vanity makeup mirror led lights
    • Easy and stress free installation, hidden wires and no hole drilling. No assembly or electrical wiring is required, just stick firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame and you’re good to go
    • Dimmable. Completely adjust the brightness of this bulb at your convenience and however you want. This is possible with the added smart touch dimmer feature
    • Makeup mirror vanity light is multipurpose. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive camera lights, these make-up mirror light bulbs can easily be applied to your wall for filming and many more
    • Vanity mirror led lights are highly durable, very comfortable, and long lasting. True beauty surely lasts a lifetime, so will your vanity makeup mirror Led lights
     2,699 3,000
  • Dual Mini Air Conditioner Fan With Fragrance

    A must-have for hot summer
    Two modes of wind adjustment
    The angles of wind are adjustable
    Can add 50ml water into the scent bead box
    Comes with scents, makes air more fresh
    Powered by USB cable or 3XAA batteries(not included)
    The angles of wind is adjustable
    Can add 50ml water into the scent bead box
    Low power consumption & ultra-quiet design

     999 1,200
  • Two Blade Mini Juicer

    • One charge takes three hours
    • Foolproof Design & food-grade raw material: This portable blender made of high quality, BPA free and food-grade raw material with smart magnetic foolproof device- sensor switch to prevent finger injury.
    • Little but Strong: With dimension of 3.14 x 3.14 x 9.25 inches, the blender is equipped with a durable 304 stainless steel blade and 22,000rpm motor, with which you can enjoy fresh nutritious juice or milk-shake in just 60 seconds!
    • USB RECHARGEABLE PORTABLE BLENDER: The portable blender is equipped with a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by Power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other USB devices, This powerful battery-operated blender can produce 8-10 cups per charge
    • Easy to use and clean: One-button access makes blender faster and more convenient to use, the juicer cup can be cleaned easily by separating the body and bottom. What a great little kitchenware for you!
    • Portable and Multi-functional: This blender is not only suitable for blending all kinds of fruits and vegetables but also some other baby food and delicious silky milk-shake. It’s a must for travelling, hiking and fishing and other outdoors activities.
     1,799 2,500

    Two Blade Mini Juicer

     1,799 2,500
  • Six Blade Mini Juicer

    • Safety & Food-Grade Material – The juicer cup is made of food-grade non-toxic and eco-friendly PP & ABS material, BPA free, you can enjoy fresh nutrient retention and wonderful leisure time.
    • Blade Update for Superb Mixing – The updated version personal blender with six blades in 3d for superb mixing ,which can effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables into amazing smoothies .It doesn’t leave chunks of fruit and ice and no noisy like traditional blenders.
    • Rechargeable & Portable – The USB juicer cup comes equipped with a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other USB devices .
    • Easy and Safe Cleaning – It has have smart safety protection device, magnetic sensing switch ultra safe to use and clean, the juicer cup’s body and bottom can be separated, you can easy to clean it .
    • Multi-function – With our juice blender mixing kinds of fruit and vegetables, you can make natural tasty juice, milkshake, smoothie and other baby food. It’s very portable and great for traveling, outdoor.(Note: Please make sure the red arrow on the cup line up with the switch before using)
     1,999 2,599

    Six Blade Mini Juicer

     1,999 2,599
  • Dual Ultrasonic Mouse & Mosquito Repellent

    Works by continuously transmitting a powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves that drives away mosquitoes and mouse / rodents.

    Sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird (hamsters and guinea pigs will simply need to be moved to a room without an ultrasonic rodent repellent).

    Mouse repeller is very effective up to approximately 140 square meters while mosquito repeller protects an area up to 70 square meters.

    This product is non-toxic & harmless to human body, an alternative to toxic chemicals and dangerous traps.

    Slide switch for repelling action, choose according to the environment.

    LED light indicates each repelling action, so you know which is currently working.

    Continuously use 3 to 4 days to repel mice; 5 to 7 days for mosquitoes.

    Uses micro-computer IC technology for intelligent product design.

    Low power consumption, suitable for long time operation.

     2,499 3,000
  • Magic 360 Spin Broom Dustpan Sweeper

    An ideal sweeper for any hard floors, two circle corner brushes maximize dirt pick up
    along baseboards and in hard to reach areas, while the twisted bristle brush extends
    across the wide cleaning path for superior fine-particle pick up

    Suitable for wood, plastic, marble, floor tile and cement structure, except the carpet.
    One product with 3 usage, broom, dustpan and trash bin 3 in 1.
    Cleaning by water is fine.

     1,799 2,599
  • Rechargeable Moon Lamp 16 Colors

    • Moon lamp with the diameter is 4.8 INCH, made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon shape, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the lunar moon, novelty and charming
    • Night Light with 16 color RGB, and the 16 colors can flash or fade or strobe, dreamlike and creative decorative lights, perfect decorative lights or gift for Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, party, wedding, anniversary, lover, kids, children bedroom, living room, dinning room and outdoor decoration, a favorite gift for your friends or lover
    • Moon light with remote & touch control model. And the REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE CAN REACH TO 30 FEET. Use the remote control to change the color or also the brightness of the color, very convenient for you to choose your perfect color
    • Moon lamp with the build-in rechargeable battery, can charge on your computer / power bank or charge adaptor etc. No line hanging around, you can hold the moon light on your hand.
     2,199 3,000

    Rechargeable Moon Lamp 16 Colors

     2,199 3,000

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