Single Adhesive Wall Hooks (Pack Of 24)

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▲Strong sticker can attach on glass, ceramic brick, stainless steel, smooth metal and so on.

▲Multi-purpose hooks without drilling Transparent, self-adhesive, reusable, waterproof, oil-resistant, leaves no marks on removal

▲Easy to apply – remove protective sheet, clean and dry the smooth surface, press the hook firmly on the ground and remove any air bubbles with stroking movements.

▲The multi-purpose hooks are good for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc. for hanging cups, cups, pans, towels, keys, hats, picture frames, etc.

▲Hook for towel, keychain, ornaments and other light widgets.

▲Due to their transparent design, they are hardly noticeable.

Matters needing attention

1. Do not use water, oil or other objects that affect the paste effect, which will affect the next use.

2. Please do not hang valuable fragile products.

3. It is recommended to install it 24 hours later, and the effect will be better

Hangers for the hallway

Self-adhesive hooks can use for the bathroom/kitchen, wall hooks for clothes towels keys.