Race Track with 1 Car

4,000.00 3,299.00


  • We present you a set of Magic Tracks Mega Set, which includes 150 parts of four different colors that you can combine as you like! You have a unique opportunity to create a flexible track designer of absolutely any shape and change its design according to your mood. Magic Tracks takes any form!Want to race around the city? Turn off the lights! In the production of elements of the route, luminifor powder is added to the composition. Therefore, during the day, details of typing sunlight, at night, the track Magic Tracks 150 glows in the dark. Due to this, Magic Track can be played in the evening and even at night! Thanks to LED headlights, the race cars turn into a real show, filling the room with gorgeous, fabulous, bright lights and creating an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement and joy!Features:360 ° curvature in any direction.
  • You can create slides and obstacles
  • In seconds, you can build your own track.
  • The road is highlighted in the dark
  • 1 machine
  • Racing car is equipped with bright LEDs
  • Drives not only on the collected track, but also on any surface
  • Easy to store, does not take up much space.
  • Made from safety plastic
  • Equipment:race track – 150 parts
  • machine
  • instruction