Portable Car 12v Vacuum Cleaner

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The Car Hand Vacuum makes it easy to clean small messes, as well as hard-to-reach spots in the home or your vehicle.

Its compact size makes it maneuverable in small spaces, while the crevice tool can reach into very tight areas to pick up debris that a larger vacuum simply can’t reach.

The vacuum’s  power cord helps ensure that you’ll be able to clean every crevice and cranny.

Powered by a high power motor, this car vacuum is designed to be reliable and to get carpets, upholstery and even hardwood floors thoroughly clean.

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Car 12v Vacuum Cleaner For Interior Cleaning Blue White. This is a Cheap Model of Vacuum Cleaner for Cars. If need Better quality and Suction , Maximus 120w Vacuum Cleaner is recommended for daily usage. No return No exchange No Warranty of this Item.

So often your family members drop chips or other such edible items in your car. And surely that annoys you extremely, you just cleaned the car yesterday! Well to help you out, we here at sehgalmotors.pk offer a variety of Mini Vacuum Cleaners, to make cleaning a bit easier for you. Mini Vacuum Cleaner For Home Car Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Charging Cordless Dust Collector Sweeper

Product Specification Include;

It has a flat suction nozzle. Power (W): <500W. Moreover it’s wireless. Voltage (V): 220V.It has an ultra-fine air filter. Has no Timing Reservation and comes with a bag. Has Wet And Dry and hand held function with Dust Box/Dust Bucket.


Power: 120WWire Length: 4.5mIt’s of plug & play function. You just have to insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter knob and on the click of a button, you can clean your car’s interior. It has a small brush kind of pipe through which we can clean floor mats, carpets, seats, and fabric on the door panels. It has a long narrow pipe through which we can remove the dust from even the smallest of gaps. It’s a high-quality product. It has a reasonable price. Portable and easy to carry. Easy to use at home and no expertise is needed. It’s the Best car vacuum in Pakistan.

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Portable Car 12v Vacuum Cleaner

 1,249 3,000 (-58%)

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