Easy Spin 360 Rotate Mop With Stainless Steel Rod

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The Floor Spin Mop features a 360° rotating, cleaning
system design that can easily and evenly clean the corners of your
home. With the multi-purpose wringer and its full set of features, this
product can be used for cleaning various indoor and outdoor areas!
Easily clean the mop and dry the microfiber mop head by spinning the mop
with the 360° rotating bucket!

Easy to Use System
Uses a push and pull spring mechanism inside
the mop handle to spin the mop. Just push the loosened handle down into
the white basket at a 90° angle to spin!

Gentle Microfiber Material
Microfiber mop heads are soft and gentle enough to clean your floors without damaging its surface.

Unique Push and Pull Design
●Spin Mop uses a much simpler design without the use of a pedal.
1. A simple blue color design
2. Microfiber mop heads with a gentle and soft feel; also machine washable
3. Drain hole to help remove excess water when needed
4. Easy to use 360° rotating bucket
5. Adjustable handle to lengthen or shorten the pole to your needs


This 360 Degree New Design Magic Mop Is Perfect For Door, Kitchen, Bathroom, Lobby, Car, Bedroom, Etc.

It Has Super Thin Microfiber With Great Absorbent Ability, Which Can Effectively Remove Fouling And Do Fully Cleaning Without Damaging Floors.

Handle Angle May Be Adjusted From 45 To 180 Degrees For The Most Comfortable Mopping Position.

With This Mop, You Can Keep Your Hands Out Of Dirty Water.

This Labor Saving Design Magic Mop Can Help You Cut The Cleaning Time And Save Your Energy And Water.

It Also Has A Long Service Life.


High Quality And Brand New High-Efficiency Floor Cleaning 360 Rotating Washable Mop It Has The Flexible Plastic Handle No Spills, No Shock And No Damage To Floors Microfiber Mop Head Works Great Wet Or Dry Keeps Your Hands Out Of Dirty Water No Power Consumption And Eco-Friendliness Mop Made Of Plastic, Stainless And Micro Fiber Fabric; Bucket Made Of Plastic Super Labor-Saving Industrial Floor Mops, Manual Press System Spin Mop Mop Head Is Machine Washable Smart And Colorful Bucket High-Speed Rotating Washing By Pressing The Mop Rod Putting The Microfiber Mop Heads Into The Dehydrate Basket, Pressing The Mop Rod To Make The Mop Head Rotate And Being Dry.

1 x Bucket 1 x Handle 2 x Refill

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Easy Spin 360 Rotate Mop With Stainless Steel Rod

 2,499 4,400 (-43%)

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