5 Second Fix Pen

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  • Fast & Strong – Create an ever-lasting bond in just 5 seconds.
  • Not a Glue! It’s a liquid plastic welding compound.
  • Only cures with UV light, so you can position and reposition your repair.
  • Flexible, Sandable, and Paintable
  • Dries Clear So You Can Fix Anything
  • Not Glue! Super Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound
  • Fast & Strong! Create an Everlasting Bond in Just 5 Seconds
  • Only Cures with UV Light So You Can Position and Reposition Your Repair
  • Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Aluminum, Elastic, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Leather and more

1PC 5 Second Fix UV Light Pen Glass Glue Repair Tool with Glue Super Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound

It is the liquid plastic welding kit that fixes, fills and seals virtually anything in 5 seconds or less – without the mess.

It is not a glue. It’s a super-powered liquid plastic UV welding compound.

Easy to use – all you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device and in 5 seconds the thing will be fixed.

The welding compound super powered and creates a strong bond with its UV light. Now you can fix your broken eyeglasses, a wine glass or a child’s toy and bring back the joy in 5 seconds. Perfect for crafters and hobbyists for anything that’s on the ground or even aerial like a mini drone or helicopter. Fix flexible cords small or large, so you always stay charged. Fix a strap on a leather handbag. It is lightweight, portable, and can easily fit in your pocket, so you can take it on the go

Product weight: Approx: 20g
Battery: 3v Material: plastic + glue
Color: as shown
Size: 13.5 cm * 2.7 cm / 5.31 inches * 1.06 inches

The package:
1PC 5 Second Fix Pen

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5 Second Fix Pen

 999 1,999 (-50%)

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