180 Degree Rotating 3 In 1 Socket Adaptor

599.00 399.00


Product Description:

1. Easy to use: One-turn three-180-degree conversion plug with 180-degree rotation design, the plug can be bent into different angles without obstructing other sockets and keep all plugs close to the wall to avoid clutter.
2. High-quality material: This 180-degree conversion plug is made of plastic and is durable.
3. Wide application: Suitable for lamps, tablet computers, mobile phones, chargers, printers, etc.
4. Very suitable for hotel, family, office or dormitory use.

Material: Plastic
Size:6.5x 4.3x 1.3cm
Color: White, Blue, Pink (Random)
Rated Power: 2500W
Operating Power 1500W

Package Included:
1 x Socket 399/-

Pack Of 3 X Sockets 999/-

3 Separate AC outlets that do not interfere with each other and accept US style 2 pin flat plugs,

More space makes it easier to use the multiplug power outlet extender for a variety of devices. No surge protection, no wires, making the exit shunt fully cruise approved,  

Compact and lightweight design fits outlet extensions to luggage and briefcases.

Combined with your existing grounded 3-pin outlet, it’s lightweight and also perfect for when you go travelling, creating

charging stations in your home, office, bedroom, kitchen or any area where outlets are limited.