• Stainless Steel Cream Horn Molds (Pack Of 5)

    • Size: Height: 4.7 inch diameter: 3.5cm Material: High quality Stainless Steel
    • Our full-sized Mould are made from Stainless Steel, so it is easy to wash, Non-toxic, it is environmentally friendly.
    • Our molds are perfect for your oven, and you just need to bake according to the recipe instructions. After baking, a rolling mould can be drawn out to leave a cavity for filling in the bread, which makes filling more convenient.
    • Stainless Steel has excellent heat regulation properties, so when you follow the recipes accordingly, non stick baking is assured.
    • Storage easily in small areas, Mould retain their original shape, no more storage or stacking problems.
  • Disposable Piping Bags

    • Material: PET & PE
    • Color: white
    • Package Included :
    • Cake bags of 10 pieces
    • perfect for decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, hot chocolate, desserts

    Disposable Piping Bags

     99 199
  • 2D Rose Flower Icing Nozzle

    • This tube is ideal for piping large roses onto cupcakes, cakes and desserts. The nozzle has been designed to define the rose’s petals, giving the effect of petals overlapping.

      To achieve the perfect rose, your cupcake must be completely flat (if domed, slice excess cake off). Start piping in the middle of the cupcake and swirl outwards finishing around the rim. While piping, angle your piping tube slightly inwards towards the middle of the cupcake which helps achieve the effect of petals overlapping.

    2D Rose Flower Icing Nozzle

     199 299

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